Who are we?

Created in 1944 and located in Cergy, 30 minutes from Paris, ILEPS offers not only a great classroom experience but also all the cultural and social delights the Paris area and France in general.

Our Bachelor in sport science has been ranked n°1 by the EDUNIVERSAL Education Award 2021!

Whatever the specific nature of your chosen course, you will benefit from a lively mix of people, facilities, resources and learning opportunities. 

To help you to succeed you will have access to our academic staff expertise, and also to a range of student support services to help deal with your own particular needs and circumstances as a student.   As well as qualifications, we want to help you to acquire the skills, knowledge and confidence that will carry you through to a rewarding and fulfilling professional life. Staff will be available to advise, encourage and support you throughout your course.

You are interested in joining a vibrant community of teachers and students across a wide range of

Do join us!

Incoming students

As soon as their application is accepted, incoming students receive a welcome pack with practical and academic information to help them to prepare their stay in Cergy (Val d’Oise).

They are put in contact with our accommodation service.

At the start of the semester, integration activities are organized in collaboration with French students. 

The Erasmus coordinator is in charge of the student’s educational support during the mobility period.

Winter semester: September – January

  • Our programme is one semester long
  • It is possible to mix and match courses from different exchange programmes
  • Questions about courses? email the international coordinator of the programme: Anaïs BURGHART ROESSLE: a.burghart@ileps.fr

Deadline entry:

  • 1 semester (1st September – 31st January): 2nd of May

Please note that the program is subject to cancellation if the minimum number of registered students has not been achieved.

ILEPS: 13 boulevard de l’Hautil 95092 Cergy-Pontoise France

30 European credits

Grading system at ILEPS:

16/20 to 20/20AVery Good
14/20 à 15.9/20BGood
12/20 à 13.9/20CBetter than satisfactory
10/20 à 11.9/20DSatisfactory
<10EUnsatisfactory / Fail

A marks sheet is sent to the home institution following the deliberations of the semester.

Expenses differ per student based on wether the home university is a partner of ILEPS or not.

Erasmus + students No fees
European students2750 euros
Non European students3750 euros

More than a school, ILEPS is a state of mind.


More than a school, ILEPS is a state of mind.

ILEPS – École Supérieure des Métiers du Sport et de l’Enseignement – remains true to its original mission entrusted by the French Catholic Education in 1944, and continues to train P.E. teachers. Over the last few years, we have widened our offer with undergraduate and graduate programs which are fully in line with the evolving needs of the education and sport sectors.

Materializing a passion for sport and making it part of university studies, developing knowledge of sports economics to fit in with career plans, getting good communication skills and mastering the codes of sport media coverage… Based on the lessons learned, P.E. teachers and sport managers can start their career in the best conditions possible.

A teaching experience adapted to the professional world

Our team at ILEPS pools their skills to support every student from the start of their academic studies to their entry into the professional world.

Throughout their academic path, they fully benefit from a network of institutional and academic partners, and also from professional contacts from the most dynamic companies on the job market.

A network every ILEPS student can rely on

We are committed to the development of independent and responsible personalities, able to make free and well-informed choices. As such, one of our priorities is to foster intellectual, emotional and intercultural development.

Strong humanistic values

Through excellence in education and reward for merit, students can appreciate what makes them similar to others while also seeing what makes them unique.These humanistic values contribute to making ILEPS unique, helping each and every ILEPS student to fulfil his or her potential.

Philippe Rouden, Managing Director of ILEPS (graduated from ILEPS, 1986)