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While completing an SMMS Master’s degree (French language for study), students can validate an MSc in Sport Management in partnership with Coventry University.

The MSc Sport Management aims to provide specialist training for sport business managers who are working in the sector or those who are seeking a professional career in the industry, in France or internationally. It is also open to graduates in business and management or related disciplines with no prior work experience and who are looking for the opportunity for employment in any of the many sectors that comprise the sport industry.

The course is distinct due to its focus on employability through corporate engagement. This is supported by practical and applied activities such as industry visits and guest speakers and the use of innovative assessments that put a strong emphasis on employability and industry engagement.

The course is aligned with ILEPS and Coventry’s 2022 Corporate Strategy. Particularly, it puts a strong emphasis on research-inspired teaching, international engagement and responsible management / sustainability / CSR, as well as creativity, enterprise and innovation and digital fluency. Additionally, students will be well prepared for employment as the course incorporates embedded employability and offers students the opportunity to do an apprenticeship while completing their masters.


The aim of the MSc Sport Management is to prepare students to be professional sport management practitioners with the theoretical knowledge, skills and personal attributes to become leaders in the sport industry. Our graduates will be adaptable and reflexive sport managers, capable of filling senior management positions within the sector.

All modules will be taught and assessed in English.

The educational aims of the course are to:

  • Introduce students to a range of concepts and theories that will enable them to critically analyse sport organisations, contexts and functions, both nationally and internationally.
  • Allow students to develop their ability to apply knowledge and understanding of sport management to complex or difficult issues, both systematically and creatively, to improve business and management practice, including within an international context.
  • Enable students to further develop analytical and decision-making skills, intercultural competencies as well as management skills and to encourage reflective practice.
  • Develop students’ lifelong learning skills, including engendering an enthusiasm for sport management and for learning more generally as part of continuing personal and professional development.

The course aims to develop students’ strategic thinking, effective communication and research skills, all directly relevant to employers and such skills are designed to be of great value when seeking future employment.


  • Awarding Institution: Coventry University
  • Teaching Institution and Location of delivery: CY ILEPS, Cergy Pontoise, FRANCE
  • Degree: MSc in Sport Management
  • Duration: 2 years, part time

ILEPS will be delivering Coventry University’s MSc in Sport Management. This degree will entirely be taught in English. This will be the first British postgraduate award delivered at ILEPS and CY Cergy Paris University.

By joining an international MSc in Sports Management under the auspices of Coventry University, students will gain a unique experience and will be part of one of the best ranked UK and French universities.

Module CodeTitleCATSECTS
7007SMMSport Marketing and Sponsorship157,5
7002SMMManaging People in Sport157,5
7003SMMSport Legal Environment157,5
7004SMMSport Governance and Strategic Management157,5
7005SMMSport Finance and Business Analytics157,5
7006SMMSport Facilities Operations Management157,5
7008SMMSport Development and Policy157,5
7010SMMManaging Sports Events157,5

The course involves a range of modules with a national and international focus that are taught in an inter-culturally diverse learning environment. The postgraduate degree seeks to produce autonomous learners, able to work with self-direction and originality; with the ability to blend theory and practice in complex situations, and have an appreciation of how properly conducted research can enhance their performance as sport managers.


To be accepted for entry onto Master in Sport Management, applicants must possess:

  • at least a lower second or equivalent honours undergraduate degree and/or
  • appropriate work experience in private, public or third sectors (a minimum of two years would be desirable) and/or
  • relevant professional qualifications.

Language requirements:

Level C1 in English or equivalent (6.5 or 7 at IELTS)

Recruitment procedures:

  1. Online application including 3 year Academic assessments; CV; cover letter and professional project.
  2. Interview with the Admission Commission including Narjiss Mekaoui (Associate professor & in charge of the Sports Management Master’s Degree), Olivier le Bever (in charge of corporate partnerships) & Elsa Carton (Centre Exam Manager of English Results, Cambridge Assessment English authorized exam centre).
  3. Decisions are made by a panel including the Admission Commission.
  4. An individual email is sent to the selected students detailing the panel’s decision and including recommendations.


3 500€


Course Director : Ms MEKAOUI : n.mekaoui@ileps.fr

Studies office : MS IZAC : l.izac@ileps.fr