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Life at Ileps


A vector of growth and diversity

ecole vie estudiantine campus1
In the heart of Cergy-Pontoise, ILEPS is a vector of growth committed to sport, the environment, social diversity, innovation and leisure

Located right in the centre of the university town of Cergy, ILEPS boasts state of the art facilities.

Academic courses are taught at the campus of the Institut Polytechnique Saint-Louis, located on the Montalants site.  

Students practise sport at the Maradas sports facilities, located 5 minutes from ILEPS, a sports centre with a stadium as well as a gymnasium. These facilities were entirely renovated between 2012 and 2014 to enhance high-level athlete and student training conditions.

Outside view of the Maradas sports facilities. ILEPS students have full access to this complex.

Near Paris, Cergy-Pontoise is a great place to study

The metropolis community of Cergy-Pontoise comprises 13 municipalities and stretches over 800 hectares. More than 200,000 inhabitants can enjoy a distinctive professional, leisure and social life. With around 25,000 students, this lively student city hosts the University of Paris Seine (ComUE) which is an association including the University of Cergy-Pontoise, ESSEC business school and more than 15 other prestigious higher education institutions such as ILEPS.

Student life in Cergy-Pontoise

Ecole vie estudiantine cergy pontoise

The river Oise boasts 32 km of banks and tributaries. It is a preserved natural heritage with a far-reaching expanse of woodlands and grasslands.

With more than 270 sports centres comprising 738 facilities, Cergy-Pontoise has one of the largest sport infrastructures in France, including the leisure base “île de loisirs” where ILEPS can organize outdoors sports events such as induction raids, run and bike, kayak, white water rafting and water skiing.

ILEPS students also have access to other infrastructures from the city of Cergy-Pontoise:

  • 3 golf courses,
  • 8 swimming pools,
  • 1 Olympic ice rink,
  • 13 high-level sports clubs.

Aren’Ice, open in 2016, will offer two international ice rinks with a capacity of around 3,000 spectators. This sport complex will host the French National Ice Hockey Centre.

Not only sport but also culture and leisure

Cergy, which has several cinemas and theatres, organizes concerts in many venues, and also hosts the regional Academy.

All students can benefit from the “Pass Campus” which gives them discounts in all partner leisure centres.


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