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ILEPS - École Supérieure des Métiers du Sport - remains true to its original mission entrusted by the French Catholic Education in 1944, and continues to train P.E. teachers. Over the last few years, we have widened our offer with undergraduate and graduate programs which are fully in line with the evolving needs of the education and sport sectors.

Materializing a passion for sport and making it part of university studies, developing knowledge of sports economics to fit in with career plans, getting good communication skills and mastering the codes of sport media coverage… Based on the lessons learned, P.E. teachers and sport managers can start their career in the best conditions possible.

A teaching experience adapted to the professional world

Our team at ILEPS pools their skills to support every student from the start of their academic studies to their entry into the professional world.

Throughout their academic path, they fully benefit from a network of institutional and academic partners, and also from professional contacts from the most dynamic companies on the job market.

A network every ILEPS student can rely on

We are committed to the development of independent and responsible personalities, able to make free and well-informed choices. As such, one of our priorities is to foster intellectual, emotional and intercultural development.

Strong humanistic values

Through excellence in education and reward for merit, students can appreciate what makes them similar to others while also seeing what makes them unique.

These humanistic values contribute to making ILEPS unique, helping each and every ILEPS student to fulfil his or her potential.

Philippe Rouden, Managing Director of ILEPS (graduated from ILEPS, 1986) 

presentation directeur


Our trainings : 

  • Management Sciences and Sports Profession, Master’s Degree, CY Tech
  • Commercial studies of sport products and services, Bachelor’s Degree, CY Tech
  • Scientific and Technical University Studies in Sport management Degree, CY IUT Cergy-Pontoise
  • Sciences of education, Bachelor’s Degree, CY Education
  • Sport Sciences, Bachelor’s Degree, CY Education
  • Teacher training and Physical Education Studies, Master’s Degree, CY Education

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