Research priority areas

Centre for “Health Education, Adapted Physical Activities, Physical and Sport Education"

Tell me how you tire yourself out and I’ll tell you who you are! This phrase will be our starting point to identify:

  • the characteristics of Physical and Sport Education integrating Heath Education into its daily practice and new curricula,
  • the scope of Physical and Sport Education developing Health Education from nursery school to high school,
  • the virtues of Physical and Sport Education highlighting the values of balanced management efforts for children and teenagers.

These three perspectives will be illustrated and questioned through projects implemented by several organizations to promote inclusive Physical Education suited to the specific needs of every child and teenager.

Centre for Sport, Psychology and Spirituality

The centre provides a forum for on-going academic study, discussion and debate into the relationship between sport, spirituality and psychology.

The centre promote the two facets of Spiritual Physical Education (S.P.E.):

  • Spiritual Sport Psychology (S.S.S.),
  • Spiritual Health Psychology (S.H.P.).

Enhancing the value of excellence and accepting the fragility beyond excellence.

Centre for Body Ecology, Well-Being, Health Tourism and Advanced Study of Sustainability


United Nations University, Institute for the Advanced Study of Sustainability
Université Paris Seine