Staff List

Relations Internationales ILEPS PR GL

Philippe ROUDEN, Director of ILEPS & Gilles LECOCQ, Erasmus + Coordinator
  • Elaborate the links between ILEPS and Paris Seine International Campus

Relations Internationales ILEPS GL ML

Gilles LECOCQ, Erasmus + Coordinator & Martine LIMBACH, Management Assistant of ILEPS
  • Coordinate the five keys areas cincerning the structural indicators for monitoring education and training systems

Relations Internationales ILEPS AB GL

Anaïs BURGHART-ROËSSLÉ, International Students and Scholars Advisor & Gilles LECOCQ, Erasmus + Coordinator
  • Develop an overview international strategy

Relations Internationales ILEPS TLT GL

Tina LE TALLEC, International Communication Officer & Gilles LECOCQ, Erasmus + Coordinator
  • Increment cooperation for innovation and exchange of good international practice

Relations Internationales ILEPS EC GL

Elsa CARTON, Head Manager of English Results-Cambridge English Authorised Centre-Val d'Oise & Gilles LECOCQ, Erasmus + Coordinator
  • Build beyond borders an authentic training langage based on sustainable academic development and on body ecology

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